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Today’s king of the kitchen was our one and only Nitin sir who hailed the kitchen with Haldi curry with a lot of butter spilled over it and Gajar ka Halwa as a sweet buttering to the tongue. The whole office was lingering with the Haldi aroma and everybody was excited to have that special and [...]

Mohit and Paridhi’sChaat corner!

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Sometimes assumptions and expectations are outshined by the will and wit. Mohit and Paridhi stand true to this, they were extraordinary in their master chef challenge! The task given to these two “underdogs” was Cholekulche served with aloo tikki, curd and chutney! This was followed by the showstopper fruit cream! Chirpy Paridhi and inquisitive Mohit were [...]

Kapil’s Manchurian Miracle:

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Kapil aka “ZOMATO” of Indibni, all the happening restaurants, globally trending dishes,what’s hot or not of the town, you name it you have it! So obviously when the challenge was given to him, the expectation was pretty high, because it was not just anybody but our very own foodie in the house! He was given the [...]